Tuesday, April 19, 2011

rain down on my garden

rain, rain
come and play
make my plants
grow big today 

As the rain was falling lightly I went out to transplant some bulbs that have come up in awkward places, like where we'd like to keep the trash & recycling cans... so I dug them up and planted them in a semi circle around the new hydreangea tree in the front. It should rain enough that I don't have to water them today.

Then I headed in to the hoop house to check on everyone and give them some water since they don't get the benefit of the rain. It makes me so happy to go in and see all the growth and to think about all this great food we'll have to eat. With the rain falling outside it felt like I was in my own little secret world. I did some weeding and moved some of the plants that were growing up too close together and needed to be thinned. I'm especially excited about some heirloom beans that I planted that are coming up strong. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

marathon monday madness

It was an early morning, especially for a holiday... we rented a pick-up truck then filled it with asphalt and concrete that we've dug up from our yard over the last year and headed over to Cambridge Bark and Loam where they charged a small fee to take it off our hands. Then we filled the truck bed with a loam compost mix (and went back from a second fill) that we moved from the truck to a giant mound in the backyard.  Next stop was Cambridge Lumber to get wood to build some more beds in the back yard. 

Once we had all the supplies we headed downtown to watch some friends who were running the Boston Marathon. 

Then back home to get to work... we purchased some plants yesterday and there's talk of rain so I wanted at least to get the trees in the ground to get to benefit from the rain. After spending the beginning of last week ripping out all the 'grass' in the backyard to be able to start that fresh too I was hoping to get to that as well but quickly became clear that reseeding won't be able to happen until the new pile of dirt gets moved into the new beds when we get those built. 

got a hydreangea tree planted in the front yard

and a peach tree planted in the back yard (back left corner)... since we're unsure about our dirt we dug a giant hole and filled it with our new dirt for the peach tree

Then it was back downtown for a post marathon celebration. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wedding Invitation Package

I've been working with some friends on some before & after for their wedding, designing their wedding invitations - including reply card and insert with directions & registry information - and thank you cards.  I've printed out everything and put them in the mail for the couple to get a look at the drafts before I print everything. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

impatient gardener

Hello, Spring! 
I have been waiting for you. I am ready to see life emerging from the ground again... 
As I've waited patiently I planted nasturtiums in these pots we were given, probably intended for strawberries but that would have meant an even longer wait before planting and now as bulbs are coming up from the ground this new life is emerging from seed.