Friday, December 30, 2011

Kale, an inside job

I may have an obsession. While with my parents the last few weeks a friend of theirs heard me talk about eating kale at least once a day and she asked is I thought kale could heal the world and bring peace. Without hesitation I answered yes. In November when talking to a friend about kale he said that he thinks Popeye got it wrong, it's kale that makes you feel like Popeye does after eating spinach. 

I've spent a lot of time with my parents the last six months as my dad has undergone a stem cell transplant and is now doing chemo. Helping with his care and care for the caretaker (my mom) a lot of which is being in charge of the food has made me think a lot more about what goes in to my body, how different foods make me feel and how they can heal. Then using some of that in decision about what to cook for my parents particularly when they're not eating very much trying to make sure what they are eating is the most healing foods. 

So, with my kale obsession in mind I decided to see if I can do an indoor winter garden and have planted kale. If it starts to grow I may try to plant a few other things although I don't have much space or enough space with sun to diversify too much. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

waiting to fly

It's interesting how things appear in our lives at the right moment. Take for example this free gift with purchase meditation pillow... I forgot my little travel pillow and have a red eye home - my ride to the airport got me here 3 hours early and now my fight has been delayed 2 hours - so I'll probably fall asleep on the plane and this pillow will be a huge help! As I start counting down the last few days of this year, reflecting back and thinking about resolutions for the future recognizing and appreciating these 'coincidences' is a reoccurring theme. 

It's strange being at the airport when it's so quiet. The shops have closed, the bathrooms are empty, the bicycle cops are riding down the long empty terminal with no people in the way...

I also find myself reminded about how much is taken for granted. The fact that I can get on a plane and fly across the country, on a whim if I wanted to, is pretty incredible. Having some quiet time in the airport before I leave just gives me time to appreciate the journey which is something else which often slips by. Getting there isn't the story, the story is how you get there and the gifts the universe gives you along the way. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

plant stand project

Another found item we've been putting off refinishing... This plant stand was out with the trash but it just needed a little TLC.

Step1: sanding off the rust with a wire brush and sandpaper
Step 2: clean all the dust off from the sanding
Step 3: spray paint with a white primer (stand was black)
Step 4: spray paint it with final color

And because my intention is to put it on our hardwood floors and I don't want the metal feet scratching them I also added felt pads to the feet.
Now to be patient and let it dry overnight before putting plants on it.

Winter lift - kombucha

Winter is here, creeping in slowly this year. I've decided to brew up some kombucha to be ready with a little lift as the winter progresses. I followed the same recipe I posted previously. I didn't have a scoby so I bought a bottle of kombucha with a nice scoby in it 

then I prepared the sugar and tea and once that was cooled to room temperature I dropped the scoby in. 

and covered the jar. With the cold weather I think it will take about a month before it's ready to drink. Maybe we'll toast the new year with a glass of kombucha.